LAC Assessment Process

A prerequisite for determining the suitability of candidates for Representative positions is to undergo an assessment. The Leaders Assessment Centre (LAC) is a competency-based assessment for potential candidates and a passing grade is required in order to be considered for any Representative positions. 

The LAC is structured around Representative competencies, using a variety of testing methods, including video and written assignments, a written test and capacity-based interview over a 30 days period. 

All candidates that complete the assessment process successfully will receive the IYF certificate. They  will become members of the IYF’s talent pool and will benefit from the IYF succession planning, leadership and development programmes, even if they are not selected for the position of the IYF Representative at this time. 

IYF LAC Selection and Assessment Principles 
  • The prioritization and selection of LAC candidates will follow the overarching principle of ‘selecting the best and the brightest candidates’ who are not only successful young leaders in their current role but have also demonstrated the potential for the Representative role.
  • The selection process will be conducted with respect to the principles of gender equality and diversity.
  • The IYF will provide transparency and feed-back to applicants at every stage of the process.
  • Successful candidates that complete the LAC assessment but are not selected for the Representative position will be offered an opportunity to work in the IYF country team or contribute to the IYF in other roles, becoming a part of the IYF’s talent pool. They will receive a certificate of the IYF’s LAC completion, and will benefit from the IYF’s training and development programs. 
  • Unsuccessful candidates who do not pass LAC assessment are allowed to take the assessment again after a minimum period of 12 months, subject to the available slot.

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