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International Youth Federation

The International Youth Federation is a global family composed of leaders and experts around the world. A key component of being part of the IYF is the powerful collaboration that exists among our diverse members in the areas of youth empowerment and development. This model of collaboration enables us to increase our reach and be added value to the global community. The IYF members receive extraordinary benefits that have a measurable impact on their work.

We know that members believe that the world will be a better place when youth are empowered. It is so important that we let members know that upon joining their National or Regional Team they do become part of our global youth movement. There is a wide range of membership benefits, including:

International Youth Federation - Member Benefits
Our members receive diverse benefits that have a measurable impact on their work.

Self-Satisfaction: Yeah, that’s what makes our life exciting

Worldwide Friendship: Members from five continents may connect with other IYF members globally through our digital network, projects, initiatives, conferences and the IYF Congress.

Global Members’ Recognition: The IYF official website,, is a showcase for the accomplishments of IYF members, Member States and Regional Teams. IYF members may also be highlighted as experts in special fields or nominated for awards when opportunities arise.

Community Participation: Make a difference! Become an integral part of the global youth movement.

Leadership Development: Through work experience, the IYF offers mentoring and leadership training for personal development. IYF members are also represented in commissions, technical committees and working groups at local, national and international levels.

Network: Your professional and personal network will be expanded since you’ll find many new people working along with you.

Improves Your Profile: In future, if you would like to apply for some higher study programs like MBA, you can highlight your work with the IYF.

Personal Development: The important factor that stands out you from a pile of normal people is your communication along with leadership skills. As a global organization, working for the IYF can improve your communications and shape your leadership skills.

Resource Center: The IYF Resource Center provides information on the most updated youth insights, solutions, and relevant resources. We offer toolkits, in-depth case studies, solution profiles, blogs, and webinars by young leaders.

Additional Benefits
  • Being a part of a global network of like-minded professionals who recognize the work that you do.
  • Extending your knowledge through the collective experience of other professionals.
  • Access to shared tools, training resources, and practical advice through the IYF Resource Center.
  • Collective, scaled influence that comes with being a part of a global organization.
  • Improved “personal brand” that comes with being a part of a world-class organization.
  • Staff recognition through the IYF news, reports, blogs, newsletters, and social media.
  • Participation in online/offline youth-related forums.
  • Stay connected and informed about what is happening in other parts of the world through our website and social media.
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