International Youth Federation Launches a new Leaders Assessment Center

IYF President Julia BLOHCER

Date: 29 June 2020
Contact: Media Relations,

Press Release: International Youth Federation Launches a new Leaders Assessment Center

London, United Kingdom: The International Youth Federation announced today the launch of the new Leaders Assessment Center (LAC), taking the next step in its mission to support and empower talented young leaders across the world by hiring new IYF Representatives. 

The IYF Representatives serve as most senior-level IYF officials in their countries, leading their teams towards achievement of strategic action plans in response to national youth priorities. The IYF is delivering a coherent and effective support to their Representatives through advocacy, best practice sharing,  networking, global recognition of achievements, online resource center and leadership development programmes.

“The philosophy behind the Center is to make sure that we select the best and the brightest candidates with transparency, fairness and respect to the principles of gender equality and diversity.  Our integrated assessment process evaluates the candidates’ experience, competencies, general knowledge and skills”, said Dr. Irina MASLENNIKOVA, Director of IYF Leaders Assessment Center.

“Having the Leaders Assessment Center that combines decades of consulting experience and expertise with assessment methodologies will be a huge advantage for the IYF. The assessment process will introduce young leaders to our work and will give them the opportunity to voice opinion on youth priorities in their country”, said Ms. Melodi KAYA, Assistant Secretary-General on Representational Affairs. 

Starting today, young people can apply for IYF Representative’s role via the LAC website and go through the assessment process. 

The IYF Leaders Assessment Center (LAC) is recognized as a neutral, impartial, and highly professional examination and assessment facility under the IYF Bureau of Management. The assessment process is using a variety of testing and assessment methods and a passing grade is required to be considered for any Representative positions. All candidates that successfully pass the LAC assessment will receive the IYF certificate of completion.


The IYF is a global youth network, an organization advocating for youth empowerment and connecting countries to knowledge, experience, and resources to help young people build a better future. The IYF works to empower youth in line with 2030 Global Goals Agenda, to create a sustainable world for all young people through education, advocacy, and the promotion of respect and compassion.

We inform, engage, and mobilize new audiences to take action and raise funds that support sustainable development programs for youth around the world.


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