Young people are best placed to tackle developmental challenges - here’s why


From my perspective, young people are the most capable of describing development goals. They present creative ideas that are compatible with the needs of the current era, and they can set a road map through which they can achieve these goals. Empowering youth and deepening their knowledge of their social responsibilities will result in bold and innovative generations that work steadily towards a better future for all of us. 

We need to emphasize the principle that young people are strategic partners and future stakeholders. They should be regarded as equal to older demographics. They should be consulted and empowered to effectively contribute to the sustainable development of their communities, using innovative approaches and proposing positive solutions.

It is not possible to address sustainable development without considering the role of the youth. Achieving the 2030 Agenda requires proactive engagement to eradicate poverty and create sustainable opportunities for all young people. If the younger generation is empowered and provided with opportunities and possibilities, they will be able to change the world for the better and achieve global development.

Our communities are facing serious economic, political, social and environmental concerns.  This is why we need to promote developmental thinking and the concepts of sustainable development among young people. The significance of this is linked to countries’ ability to change, which is only possible through active participation and engagement at policy and decision-making levels.

Solutions and recommendations
To achieve better youth engagement within the development process, there are several strategies that can be adopted, such as:
  • Supporting youth innovation through the expansion of integrated, comprehensive and continuous workshops that involve them in generating solutions.
  • Positioning young people as key players in the development process through supporting activities in which their role emerges is a crucial factor.
  • Enhancing the role of youth in achieving political and economic development. This involves rebuilding the education system to include a modern, conscious perspective that addresses the importance of civic participation. The education system should encourage social reformation towards a political culture with a positive impact.
  • Creating training and capacity building programs for youth and providing job opportunities for them through coordination with enterprises. 

It is incredibly important to position the youth as a key element in sustainable development. This will be achieved by pushing a socio-economic and political agenda that contributes to re-defining the role of youth in their countries. 

There are negative forces that position themselves in the way of the youth achieving sustainable development in Arab countries. But we need youth input, because we cannot take the right path without the youth having a fundamental role in our direction. 

Sandra Luciano, IYF/ICT Specialist
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